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 Amnesty International Report-2008

Hundreds of Iranian Azerbaijani activists were arrested in connection with a peaceful demonstration on International Mother Language Day, 21 February. The demonstrators called for their own language to be used in schools and other education institutions in the areas of north-west Iran where most Iranian Azerbaijanis reside.

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Speech of Fakhteh Zamani

Azerbaijani-Iranian Mohammad-Reza Avaz-Pour, who is just 17, will soon start serving his 15-month prison sentence. This young activist is no stranger to detention, imprisonment, and torture. Since the age of 13, he has been arrested and tortured repeatedly for the simple non-violent act of stating that his mother tongue will not die.

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Iranian authorities have increased the repression of Azerbaijani activists who hope to end discrimination against minorities in Iran. These activists organize ceremonies of that are of cultural significance to Azerbaijani Iranians. People participating in these ceremonies are arbitrarily detained without being tried or even informed of the reason for the detention. They are usually denied access to a lawyer and are generally tortured or subjected to other ill-treatments.

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November 2008 

The Iranian government has increased pressure on Azerbaijani ethnic and student activists in recent months. Activists are detained without charge, tried and are not allowed access to lawyers. They are not allowed to meet their family and are subjected to torture and ill- treatment.

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October 2008

The final four of the 19 Azerbaijani activists detained in Tehran during at iftar dinner, the first meal after the Ramadan fast, have been released on bail of $250,000. They were held by Iranian authorities for 57 days without being charged and with no access to a lawyer. The four – Elirza Serrafi (Alireza Sarrafi), Hesen Rashidi (Hasan Rashedi), Seid Mughanli (Said Muganli) and Mehdi Neimi (Naimi) – were at risk of torture all ill treatment during this time.

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The student activists named above were detained during a series of arrests which began in July 2008. According to the Vancouver-based Association for the Defence of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners (ADAPP), their families have been denied access to them, though some have had irregular contact by telephone.
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The nine Azerbaijani activists named above have been held incommunicado since their arrest on 10 September. They are being held in solitary confinement in the Ministry of Intelligence-run Section 209 of Evin prison in Tehran, and are at risk of torture and other ill treatment. It is believed that authorities may have arrested these activists to pre-empt any protests or planned boycotts of schools on 1 Mehr (23 September). Amnesty International believes they may be prisoners of conscience, held solely for the peaceful expression of their right to freedom of expression and association.

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